Session II of the Buckeye Prep Open Run proved to very competitive and fast paced. The 15 players in attendance warmed up with skill and drill work before participating in 5-on-5 play. As is the case with all Buckeye Prep Open Run sessions, team play and fundamentals were emphasized. Court balance, spacing and player movement are always heavily emphasized in every session. Below are pictures of all of the session II participants including individual action shots and future open run dates.

Open Run Schedule

Session II Participants

Tony Jones Jr.

Alec Moore

Chris Blaylock

Jordan Taylor

David Johnson III

Durant Smith

Christian Morrow Jr.

Evan Yekisa

Tyler Belmert

Hayes Emmons

Bryce Villanueva

Eddie Williams

Chase Crockett

AJ Turner

Prestin Raehll

Action Shots