Now that the Solan Cage Classic is in the books, from a team perspective, Ohio’s class of 2032 has some clarity.  After finishing 4-0 over the weekend and claiming the 2nd grade title, TNBA West Black appears to be the top team in the state at the moment. With 2 wins over the Buckeye Prep Hoopsters and a pool play win over the Canton Kings, TNBA West Black has staked a claim as the top dog in the Buckeye State.  TNBA’s trek to the title included wins over Buckeye Prep (25-18), Canton Kings (41-35), TNBA West Silver (30-20) and Buckeye Prep (25-16).

TNBA is powered by Jayden Vega (4’3″/PG/2032/Avon), who not only controls the pace of play for his team, but provides the bulk of the scoring. Despite his diminutive size, Vega is quick, super skilled, and can really shoot the rock when left unguarded. Vega also has a high basketball IQ and rarely turns the ball over.  From what we’ve seen so far this season, Vega is the best shooter in the class, and he is clearly the most productive player in the state. In addition to Vega, Ari Anderson (4’6″/SG/2032/Avon) and Charlie Lombardy (4’8″/WF/2032/Cleveland) are productive.

The Buckeye Prep Hoopsters finished second in the event, with 2 losses to TNBA West Black, and wins over TNBA West Silver (48-2) and the Canton Kings (23-18).  The leading scorers for Buckeye Prep were David Johnson III (4’6″/SG/2032/Worthington), Jase Owens (4’7″/PF/2032/Columbus and Tony Jones Jr (4’5″/PG/2032/Columbus). The Canton Kings’ CJ Downing (4’5″/PG/2032/North Canton) displayed loads of potential. Downing has solid ball skills, is super fast from baseline to baseline and is very aggressive to the cup.  Moreover, it may take 2 defenders to keep Downing out of the paint.  He’s definitely a player to watch going forward. Below is our list of players deserving of First Team All-Tournament.

First Team All-Tournament

Jayden Vega

TNBA West Black

CJ Downing

Canton Kings

Ari Anderson

TNBA West Black

Jase Owens

Buckeye Prep Hoopsters

Charlie Lombardy

TNBA West Black

Honorable Mention
David Johnson III
Cooper Kavanagh
Carter Watson
Tony Jones Jr.