You know what they say; “you can’t teach size.” Such is the case with the Robert and John Sumner, both of whom stand 5’5″ already.  The Worthington, Ohio twins are only 3rd graders, but they are already towering over their peers and showing signs that they could have bright future with the game of basketball.  They’er not just big; they have a good feel for the game, have displayed a soft touch around the rim, and they finish plays at a high rate. Both players do a good job with big-to-big passing.

Moreover, they’re both long and lanky, and the fact that dad stands 6’10” and mom is 5’8,” there is a good chance they both will continue to grow into long term post prospects.  In fact, from what we’ve seen, they could both be 7 footers by the time it’s all said and done.

Because of that potential, we wanted to be the first media outlet to shine the light on theses young prospects. You can catch the twins in action this winter, as they are currently running with a 3rd grade Worthington COBBA (Central Ohio Boys Basketball) team.  In addition, in all likelihood, they will be playing with the Mid-Ohio Pumas organization this spring and summer.  We intend to keep a close eye on these two prospects!