The final day of Terry Holt’s T3TV All-American Camp proved to be equally as competitive as the first 2 days, as there were several highly contested games across multiple grade divisions.

One of the best players we saw all day included: Tomarri Patterson (6’0″/C/2030/Indianapolis, IN), who was absoutly huge! Not only was he big and strong, but Patterson was light on his feet, moved well, and he had a nice touch around the rim.  Also, Patterson rebounded at a high clip and had no trouble handling the ball in transition and getting around smaller guard. We don’t know much about him, but this kid has potential written all over him!

Patterson’s camp teammate, Andreas Amcricanos (4’8″/PG/2030/Brooklyn, NY) was a dynamic little PG, who attacked the basket almost every time he touched the rock. Amcricanos was highly skilled, had the ball on a string, and had no trouble finishing at the basket. He was also great in transition and was more than proficient at finding open teammates with precision passes that were on time and on target.

Joshua Anthony is one of the most consistent performing players we’ve evaluated over the past several years, which was evident with his play this weekend. Also, he appears to have stretched out a bit since the last time we saw him, which combined with his ball skills and ability to shoot with range and finish at the cup makes him a problem for most smaller defenders!  When we think about kids who really project as DI ball players, Anthony comes to mind. We also like the fact that he just plays ball without a lot of theatrics!

One of the better guards we’ve seen in the class of 2031 was Honor Tyler (5’0″/PG/2031/Compton, CA).  We saw him last year at this same event and he was a standout. Tyler is quick, crafty and can score at multiple levels. He also does not lack confidence based on the way he plays the game. The kid is fun to watch.

We also saw some good things out of Markiss Northern (5’2″/PG/2030/South Bend, IN). Northern has a solid frame, is very strong and athletic and he finishes well at the cup.

Ayden Rodrigues (5’0″/WF/2032/Englewood, NJ) appears to have grown since the last time we’ve seen him and he also appears to have gotten better overall as well. We liked how he handled the rock in transition, made teammates better as a passer, and knocked down treys when left open. His stock went up in our eyes.

In closing, we have to give props to Terry Holt and his wife Whitney for putting on a quality event! From our vantage point, it’s clear the duo were determined to step up their game since the last event! Consequently, the staying power of the T3TV All-American Camp is for real!

Standout Performers

Name Hgt/Pos Class City/State
Tomarri Patterson 6’0″/C 2030 Indianapolis, IN
Joshua Anthony 5’6″/CG 2031 Louisville, KY
Andreas Amcricanos 4’8″/PG 2030 Brookyln, NY
Honor Tyler 5’0″/PG 2031 Compton, CA
Markiss Northern 5’2″/PG 2030 South Bend, IN
Jael Kabeya 5’10″/SG 2030 Toronto, CN
Lennox Benjamin 5’1″/PG 2030 Bronx, NY
Nolen McBride 5’0″/PG 2031 Hartford, CT
Ayden Rodriguez 5’0″/WF 2032 Englewood, NJ
Daylan Wilkes 4’9″/CG 2032 Flatrock, AL
King Jackson 4’5″/PG 2032 Indianpolis, IN
Angelo Adams 5’5″/PG 2028 Chicago, IL
Jody Stallings 4’10″/WF 2033 Jonesboro, GA
Maddox Perry 4’6″/PG 2032 St. Louis, MO

Standout Performer Pictures

Tomarri Patterson

Joshua Anthony

Andreas Amcricanos

Honor Tyler

Markiss Northern

Jael Kabeya

Lennox Benjamin

Nolen McBride

Ayden Rodriguez

Daylan Wilkes

King Jackson

Angelo Adams

Jody Stallings