As expected, the T3TV All-American Camp was highly competitive! Although we watched a lot of basketball over the course of the weekend, we concentrated the bulk of our coverage on the youngest divisions (2031-2033).  In terms of the talent level, the class of 2031 brought out some big guns, who arrived to the gym determined to prove some points. In fact, there were at least 7  top ten ranked 4th graders (according to participating in the event.

We got our first look and Kameron Potts (4’6″/PG/2031/Oakland, CA) and could not have been more impressed with his skill level and tenacity. Because he changes speed and direction so well and is so crafty, he easily creates his own shot. Potts is extremely aggressive and is always in attack mode. David Ice (5’7″/PF/2031/Indianapolis, IN), was a monster and was simply unstoppable to the basket. Ice not only scores at a high rate in the paint, he rebounds at a high level and is a great rim protector with his shot blocking ability. At the end of the day, Ice is just too big and too strong for most of his peers.

William Paige (4’10″/PG/2031/Staten Island, NY) had another good weekend, and although the competition level was higher since the last time we saw him play, he still did his thing. Zander Pughsley (4’4″/PG/2031/Gahanna, OH) is an absolute pit bull. Defensively, he’s a problem; offensively, he’s gifted. Pughsley plays harder than any kid in his class, and he impacts the game on both ends of the floor. As a  3-level scorer, Pughsley can go get a bucket at will.  We also really liked Honor Tyler (4’9″/PG/2031/Compton, CA), who displayed a mature game and an ability to score and play defense at a high level. Terry Holt III (4’9″/PG/2031/Dayton) looked good as well. Holt has an elite handle, which he uses to keep his defenders off balance and guessing. If you gusss wrong, you’re likely to see it on a mix tape!

Ashton Jolly (4’11″/CG/2032/New Orleans, LA) and Henry Jolly (5’0″/CG/2032/New Orleans, LA) played up in the 4th grade division this past weekend and more than competed. In fact they were as good or better than many of the top 4th graders we saw.  Because they both are so skilled, have good size and understand the game, they can be productive against older, more mature players. Joshua Anthony (5’3″/PG/2031/Louisville, KY) played well again and continues to be a consistent standout regardless of the competition.

We plan to keep an eye on Cameron Stone (4’9″/PG/2031) and Cruz Webb (4’11/PG/2031/Manassas, VA). Stone is already nationally ranked, and from what we saw, his national reputation is well deserved. On the other hand, Webb has probably been flying under the radar, because if you’re not paying attention, you won’t see this kid’s potential. He’s super smooth, has a good feel for the game, has great court vision and he finds open teammates with pin point passes. In addition, Webb did not force the action and he made the right plays consistently.

Unfortunately, because of a dust up between some of the top ranked players at the event, the 2031 all-star game was cancelled, which prevented us from seeing more of the top 1-on-1 matchups as well as other players who deserved the recognition. Editorially, some of these parents, coaches and adults really need to do a better job managing these kids!  This whole ranking thing has people doing some crazy things! Let these kids play, have fun, make friends and simply enjoy the competition! To be honest, some of the things we saw this weekend were disgusting!

Stayed tuned for Part II of our coverage, which will concentrate more on the class of 2032 and 2033.

Standout Players

Name Hgt/POS Class City/State
Deloni Pughsley 5’3”/PG 2029 Gahanna, OH
Kameron Potts 4’6”/PG 2031 Oakland, CA
David Ice 5’7”/PF 2031 Indianapolis, IN
William Paige 4’10”/PG 2031 Staten Island, NY
Zander Pughsley 4’4”/PG 2031 Gahanna, OH
Honor Tyler 4’4”/PG 2031 Compton, CA
Cameron Stone 4’9”/CG 2031 Jeffersonville, IN
Kevin Nared 5’3”/PF 2031 Dayton, OH
Terry Holt III 4’9”/PG 2031 Dayton, OH
Mike Nmvoya 4’8”/PG 2031 Detroit, MI
Jaiylen Ekanem 6’2”/PF/C 2030 Brampton, CN
William Peagler Jr. 5’4”/PG 2029 Dayton, OH
Jacobi Thompson 6’1”/PG 2029 Compton, CA
Jace Rivers 4’7″/PG 2031 Las Vegas, NV
Delon Carter-Apple 5’2”/PG 2030 Detroit, MI
Lyndon Rainford 5’3”/PG 2029 Toronto, CN
Martavion Williams 5’10”/C 2029 Milwaukie, WS
Marion Mathews 5’0″/PF 2031 Dayton, OH
Ashton Jolly 4’11”/PG 2032 New Orleans, LA
Henry Jolly 5’0”/PG 2032 New Orleans, LA
Josh Anthony 5’3”/PG 2031 Louisville, KY
Bryson Hammermcister 6’6”/SG 2026 Ft. Meyer, FL
Maddox Palmer 6’5”/G 2026 Jacksonville, FL
Eric Dampier Jr. 6’7”/C 2028 Jacksonville, MS
Dotay Chivers Jr. 5’6”/PG 2028 Dayton, OH
Willie Darden 6’4”/PG 2028 New Haven, CT
Colton Hiller 5’9”/SG/PF 2028 Philadelphia, PA
Jayden Capers 4’6”/PG 2031 Flint, MI
Kajuan Hemphill 5’2”/SG 2030 Virginia Beach, VA
 Gerald Warrick IV 4’9″/CG 2031 Pittsburgh, PA
 Justin Williams 4’6″/PG 2031 Flint, MI
 Bryson Pruitt 5’0″/PG 2030 Little Rock, AR
Cruz Webb 4’11″/PG 2031 Manassas, VA
Angelo Adams 4’11″/PG 2028 Chicago, IL
 Braeden Greenoak 5’11″/PF 2029 Creedmoor, NC
 Mateo Moise 5’9″/SG 2029 Toronto, CN
 Justin Allen 4’7″/PG 2031 Tampa, FL
 Axel Crawford 4’5″/PG 2031  Albany, NY

Standout Player Pictures

Deloni Pughsley

William Paige

Kameron Potts

David Ice

Zander Pughsley

Kevin Nared

Terry Holt III

Justin Allen

Cameron Stone

Ashton Jolly

Braeden Greenoak

Mateo Moise

Axel Crawford

Jayden Capers

Mike Nmvoya

Henry Jolly

Justice “Rocket” Williams

Delon Carter-Apple

Lyndon Rainford

Martavion Williams

Jacobi Thompson

Angelo Adams

Jace Rivers

Marion Matthews

Dontay Chivers

Brisun Hammermcister

Maddox Palmer

Joshua Anthony

Eric Dampier Jr.

Willie Darden

William Peagler Jr.

Jaiylen Ekanem

Gerald Warrick IV

Cruz Webb

Bryson Pruitt

Kajuan Hemphill

Colton Hiller

Kajuan Hemphill