Adam Miamba

Braylon Williams

William Peagler Jr.

Kaylon Brooks

Darrius Hawkins

Pierre Monagan

Lonnell Berry

Damarion Mayfield

Brady Pettigrew

Camden Day

BJ Moore

Andrew Woeste

Benjamin Mitchum

Layton Ray

Dexter Turner

Michael Thomas

Canaan Mercer

Dylon Randolph

Name Hgt/Pos Class City Evaluation Notes
Adam Miamba 6’2″/C 2028 Indianapolis, IN Best performance of the day! Big, strong, physical, athletic w/a soft touch around the rim. Rebonds & outlets ball well, hit clutch late-game free throws, D-I prospect
Darrius Hawkins 5’1″/CG 2028 Chicago, IL Strong, athletic guard who gets to the cup. Uses size & strength well, can score, solid handle, lefty, consistent performer, college prospect
Kaylon Brooks 5’1″/CG 2028 Mansfield Exploded for 20 points (4 treys) in a game. Elite shooter with range out beyond the arc
Damrion Mayfield 5’3″/SG 2028 Detroit, MI Team’s leading score in a close game, athletic, aggressive to the cup
Braylon Williams 5’3″/PG 2028 Memphis, TN Good length, athletic, goes strong to the basket, dropped 20 points in a close & competitive game
Camden Day PG 2032 Indianapolis, IN Highly skilled PG who plays with with great poise and pace. Excellent ball skills and ability to get down hill. High IQ, solid frame, also plays up a grade & is competitive
Layton Ray WF 2032 Bargersville, IN Good length, solid skill set, aggressive, defends well
Pierre Monigan PG 2032 Chicago, IL Was great on day 3, good size, athletic, mature moves to the cup, hard to guard
Dexter Turner Jr. WF 2023 Chicago, IL Good on day 3, good size, athletic
William Peagler Jr. SG 2029 Dayton Advanced skill set, stays in the paint, finishes drive well, competitor
BJ Moore PG 2032 Canton Shoots it well, solid skills
David Johnson III WF 2032 Worthington Led his team scoring on day 3, super aggressive, has a good nose for the ball
Benjamin Mitchum PG 2030 Memphis, TN Standout Performer
Dylon Randolph 4’2″/PG 2030 Memphis, TN Standout Performer
Brady Pettigrew 5’2″/WF 2028 Chicago, IL Played w/ good poise & pace, skilled, solid handle dropped 20 points in a close game
Angelo Adams 4’9″/PG 2028 Chicago, IL Standout Performer
Andrew Woeste 5’0″/WF 2029 Dayton Standout Performer
Lonnell Berry 5’2″/C 2029 Cincinnati Good size, moves well, good hands, soft touch around the basket
Canaan Mercer WF 2032 Canton Standout Performer
Thomas Mitchell PG 2030 Columbus Standout Performer, team’s leading scorer in a game we watched
MJ Brewer C 2032 Akron Good size, rebounds, physical in the paint
Gavin Allen 5’2″/PG 2029 Indianapolis, IN Highly skilled PG with excellent handle
Tristian Breland 5’2″/PG 2029 Indianapolis, IN Highly skilled, plays with great poise and pace, great court vision & passing skill, can both score and make plays

MJ Brewer

Angelo Adams

David Johnson III