Much like the other grade divisions at the T3TV Combine, the class of 2032 was well represented with talent.  Not only were there a number of players who arrived to the event with hefty national reputations, there were almost an equal number of kids who showed up without a resume, but left the event deserving of either an upgrade or an initial ranking.  The Buckeye Prep Report concentered our coverage on current 2nd graders (class of 2032), and attempted to form our own opinions in terms of the talent pool.  As most parents and players who follow this class know very well, there are already a handful of media outlets already engaged in national ranking (i.e., Top 25 Scout, Coast 2 Coast Preps, Top Spot Basketball Circuit, 5 Star Recruits & Middle School Elite).  Our list is designed to help the other media outlets with refining  their lists/rankings. We did our best to be non-biased and to start with a clean slate.  Of course we know there are a number of marketing campaigns and social media hype machines surrounding a lot of these kids, but we tried to block out the noise and really evaluate the players we saw at this event.  Below is a list of the top 25 players at the event according to our evaluations. We tried to be fair, and in no way trying to hurt any player; we are just calling it like we see it for what’s that worth. In closing, the list below is simply our opinion about what we saw this past weekend; please don’t read too much into it!  We hope to see these kids and others in subsequent events and will provide more content and context on this class.

Rankings Player State
1 Henry Jolly LA
2 Ashton Jolly  LA
3 Chase Williams PA
4 Tristian Graham IN
5  Penny King TN
6 Aydin Garth IN
7 Cavalli Glodthreate TN
8 Bobby Peebles MI
9 Marion “Big Baby” Mathews OH
10 Keylon Thomas TN
11 Nas McCoy NY
12 Devon Hollowell (1st Grader/2033) IN
13 Xavier Pineda NJ
14 David Wright FL
15 Aiden Howard  KY
16 Cortez Barnes KY
17 Dylan Rader IL
18 David Perry OH
19 Maddox Perry MO
20 Jordan Taylor OH
21 Kason Angret OH
 22 Des’vino Douglas TX
 23 Ayden Rodriguez NJ
 24 Josh Morgan-Green MD
T25 Carter Watson OH
T25 Hiro Niyama WA
T25 Jayden Singleton NC

Henry Jolly

Ashton Jolly

Chase Williams

Tristian Graham

Penny King

Aydin Garth

Cavalli Glodthreat

Bobby Peebles

Marion “Big Baby” Mathews

Keylon Thomas

Nas McCoy

Devon Hollowell

Dylan Rader

David Wright

Ayden Rodriguez

David Perry

Maddox Perry

Jordan Taylor

Josh Morgan Green

Hiro Niyama

Carter Watson

Jayden Singleton