Although it was only day I of the T3TV Combine, and the format only consisted of one-on-one roll out drills and slam dunk contests, we were still able to identify a few players who found a way to separate themselves from the pack.  First and for most, the Jolly twins are as good as advertised! They both have good size for their positions, are highly skilled, and they know how to get to the basket and finish. From what we’ve seen already, these kids are special! We also really liked Aydin Garth, who has great size for his age and position, and has a chance to be really good going forward. Other standouts on day I included: Hiro Niyama, Marion Mathews, Jordan Taylor, Jase Owens, Carter Watson, Robert McKiver Jr., Madison McKinney, TJ Baldwin, Dylan Rader, and Tyler Burns.  Were looking forward to tomorrow when we get a chance to see the entire field of 2nd graders. Stay tuned for future reports.

Henry Jolly

Ashtom Jolly

Aydin Garth

Hiro Niyama

Marion Matthews

Dylan Rader

Tristian Graham

Jordan Taylor

Cavalli Glodthreate

Jase Owens

Carter Watson

Madison McKinney

Name Height/Position Class State Evaluation Notes
Henry Jolly 4’6″/PG 2032 Texas Good size for position, skilled, crafty, gets to the cup, finishes
Ashton Jolly 4’5″/PG 2032 Texas Good size, skilled
Aydin Garth 4’6″/SG 2032 Indiana Good length, handles ball well, athletic
Hiro Niyama 4’1″/PG 2032 Washington Highly skilled, crafty, can score
Marion Mathews 4’10″/PF/C 2032 Dayton Big body, strong, physical, solid handle for size/position, rebounds well, mature game
Dylan Rader 4’4″/SG 2032 Unknow Good size, can shoot it, physical
Tristian Graham Unknown 2032 Indiana Showed some solid skill and game
Jordan Taylor 4’4″/PG 2032 Ohio Lock down defender, slid ball skills, scored 3 times in 1 on 1 drill
Cavalli Glodthreate Unknown 2032 Unknown Showed flashes of game
Jase Owens 4’8″/PF 2032 Collumbus Can shoot it if left open
Carter Watson 4’5″/WF 2032 Reynoldsburg Excellent defender, strong with the ball, attacks basket
Madison McKinney 4’5? 2032 Unknown Highly skilled, female, but more than competed with the boys, big upside potetential