On Saturday, the inaugural T3TV Combine tipped off at the Kingdom Sports Center in Franklin, Ohio and by all accounts, was a huge success. In fact, very quickly, this event has quickly taken its place among the other elite national events in the state Ohio.  Not only did Terry Holt’s one-day event attract a significant amount of basketball talent from 1st graders to high school guys, but said talent arrived from all parts of the country. But that’s not all; several divisions featured #1 ranked players nationally.  In addition to the traditional combine-type skill and drill stations, the event included very competitive games (3) as well as all-star games. Although we spent several hours in the gym and evaluated a lot of young players, we’re sure we did not get a chance to catch all of the standout performers who participated in this talent rich event.  Below is a list of the players who did catch our eye.  Congratulations to Terry Holt and the T3TV staff for putting on this fantastic event!

Kenneth KJ Ribers

Eron McDuffy

Tristian Breland

Reggie Evans

William Peagler

Jashawn Coffey

Dontay Chivers

King Bacot

Deon Johnson

Joshua Tyson

Tim Winkler

TJ Duke

Felipe Quinones

Malachi Palmer

Chandler Jackson

Adam Daniels

Jay’moel Whitfield

Ayden McClinton

Name Height Position Class City/State Evaluation Notes
Kenneth Ribers 4’8″ PG 2029 Richmond, VA Speedy, aggressive w/ elite handle & ability to score
Eron McDuffy 5’2″ CG 2028 Indianapolis, IN  Solid ball skills, can shoot off the bounce & a willing passer
Reggie Evans 5’3″ PG 2029 Tampa, FL  Good length,, solid handle, athletic & defends well
William Peagler 4’9″ SG 2029 Dayton, OH Good length, athletic, can score, poised, court vision, play maker w/motor
TJ Duke 4’11” CG 2028 Murfreesboro, TN Scorer, skilled, can hit the maid-range jumper, crafty & hard nosed
Dontay Chivers 5’3″ SG/WF 2028 Dayton, OH Big strong guard w/ solid handle.  Significantly impacted games both  offense & defense
Adam Daniels 5’9″ C 2028 Indianapolis, IN Good size & frame.  Strong & physical.  Rebounds and block shots at high level
Jashawn Coffey 5’6″ CG 2028 Lebanon, OH Can both score & make plays. Poised floor general with good court vision & passing skills
Ayden McClinton 4’9″ PG 2029 Plano, TX Finishes plays well with solid court vision and passing skills
Deon Johnson 5’11” WF 2027 Columbus, OH Can score, handle the rock & play multiple positions.  Fluid and defends well. Great prospect
Joshua Tyson 5’5″ PG 2027 Cincinnati, OH Agile PG with ability to score.  Loves to get to the cup. Competes an a high level.
Tim Winkler 6’4″ PF 2026 Chicago, Il A super prospect with great size and skill.  Soft touch around the basket & defends rim well
Malachi Palmer 6’5″ PG 2024 Harris, PA Super explosive & try to dunk every thing. Very athletic plays above the rim.  6 D-I offers in hand
Felipe Quinones 6’0″ WF 2026 Orlando, FL Athletic, solid frame, great on-ball defender, good length w/pass first mentality
King Bacot 5’0″ WF 2029 Richmond, VA When he’s on, can put up big numbers.  Solid skill set
Jay’moel Whitfield 5’1″ SG 2028 Dayton, OH Got better better each game.  Big guard who can score. Lefty who’s sees the court well
Chandler Jackson 4’10 “ PG 2029 Newark, OH Solid skill set, aggressive, both shoots and drives.  Competitor
Colton Clevenger 4’6″ PG 2029 Lewisburg, OH Super skilled, faster than he looks & looks to find open teammates. Has ball on a sting
San Juan Forte 5’10” C 2028 Indianapolis, IN Good size & athleticism, but a little raw right now.  Plays hard & will get better
Hunter Chayse 5’3″ SG/WF 2028 Indianapolis, IN Big strong guard w/solid ball skills
Kye Bowman 4’8″ CG 2028 Fort Knox, KY Quick & crafty PG who can score driving to the cup.  Solid handle
Jordan Taylor 5’3″ CG 2028 Twinsburg, OH Great floor general who plays with good pace and confidence.  Can score.  Will be a good one
Maurice Hamrick Jr. 5’2″ PG 2028 Hilliard, OH Elite handle, shoots the rock well and can make plays
MJ Boyd 4’3″ PG 2029 Middletown, OH Small PG who is super quick & aggressive to the cup.  Tough as nails
James Coleman 4’11” PG 2029 Milan NJ Only caught a glimpse, but liked what we saw
Mekhi Roddy 5’5″ CG 2028 Columbus, OH Good size for a guard. Made the all-star game
Drew Woeste 5’0″ WF 2029 Dayton, OH Scorer & finishes well
Zaiden Odugbela 4’0″ PG 2031 Providence, RI Top 2nd grader in the country.  Super skilled
Jerry Easter Jr 6’2″ PG 2025 Toledo, OH Super skilled, 3 level scorer with excellent ball skills. Selected as MVP